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Gemstone Alchemy and creating Talismans

Gemstone Alchemy and creating Talismans
Hello at last friends & thank you for being so patient with me and my website.
So lets get straight down to it with a little story about Gemstone Talismans. 
This is a short intro which i will endeavour to expand on for you in the near future, however for now let me just say that designing & creating Personalised Empowerment jewels or Talismans for my Clients, is at the heart of my process and has been constantly revealing itself to me since my brand was born back in 1993.
It's definitely a co-creation journey that takes place in between source, myself & the client. The outcome is always an unknown until the moment all three come together with the conscious intension to create an adornment that is aligned to the clients unique resonance.
In essence for me it is a completely channeled experience and one that is at odds with the Virgo in me that would like to be able to quantify, measure and repeat this process as you would with any proven formula. However It remains hidden in the mystery and reveals itself only in the now moment when the quest for guidance is evoked.
The Alchemy begins when you combine clear conscious intention and the unique resonance of each individual with the use of a specific gemstone, colour, tone, origin, frequency, positioning, combined with the use of specific rare precious metals, symbols and design. Aligning all these elements & bringing them into physical form has come from a lifetime connection & affinity with symbols, sacred geometry & gemstones.
Information comes to me through intuitive channeling, direct touch through Reiki practises and the use of Numerology. I have had a affinity with gemstones since i was a small child and this eventually led to me studying Design & Gemmology at the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica California in 1983. Now even though i didn't see this as an obvious eventuality for myself, what has evolved in my relationship with gems is beyond that which my mind could have dreamt up.
These individual Gemstone Talismans are very much aligned with my soul purpose & joy as a teacher & creative intuit. Creating jewels specifically to reaffirm, align & assist in the remembering of true, complete self for an individual, leaves me in deep gratitude. Call it Gem Alchemy or Activated Jewellery, for me it's a resonation that can be seen & felt.
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